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I believe that the body expresses feelings, beliefs and attitudes through its structure and movement. By working with the body and the breath it is possible to release the physical and emotional tensions that inhibit the full expression of the self. Through the divine dance of Yoga, we discover our unlimited potential for joy and fulfillment.

For me the goal of therapy is to experience life more fully and creatively, and my role as therapist is to meet you where you are, to encourage your visions and to walk with you in new directions.

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

for a strong body....

When we move the body effortlessly, we stir up a kinetic memory.  The body remembers that it was designed to move with ease.  We regain our youthful limberness, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.  With an enhanced self image, we stand tall and walk through life smoothly.  And, with the increased body awareness that comes with mindful exercise, we realize that we have more control of both voluntary and involuntary functions than we’d previously thought, leading to a general sense of well-being.

graceful spirit....

Spirit, breath, energy or life force animates us.  In India it’s called Prana; in China it’s Chi or Qi.  Relaxing into the breath allows us to breathe fully and deeply.  We move to the rhythm of the breath and feel energy flowing throughout the body.  As we practice regularly, we experience an increase in vitality and an abundance of energy.

quiet mind....

In focusing our attention on the breath, whether during movement or in seated meditation, we clear the mind.  We realize that we can control our thoughts; our thoughts don’t control us.  We learn to be in the present moment.  Only this moment is real.  So we can let go of troublesome thoughts from the past or worrisome thoughts about the future.  When the mind is clear, we re-discover our ability to relax completely; digestion improves and we can enjoy deep and restful sleep.

peaceful heart....

The practice of yoga can help in normalizing heart rate and blood pressure and increasing circulation.    In addition to these physical benefits, we open the heart center and expand our capacity for emotional expression.

May we know the magic that is in all things.

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