Yoga Class

A typical class starts with body and breath awareness.  The beginning exercises are a blend of Feldenkrais and Yoga and serve the purpose of loosening the joints and gently stretching the muscles while in a relaxed state.  There is a gradual transition to classical Yoga postures and QiGong moves in which each student is encouraged to explore his/her range of flexibility and strength, using the breath to enhance the stretch and to stay centered.  The class ends with a guided relaxation.

To register for St. Joseph classes:

Call Community Health Education at 603-595-3168

Or go online at

To register for Senior Center:

Call 603-889-6155

Wednesday and Friday nights:

St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH

Monday nights:

St. Joseph Medical Facility in Hudson, NH

Tuesday & Friday mornings and Thursday nights:

Senior Center in Nashua, NH

New Class: Awakening the Inner Healer

Explore self-care techniques to awaken your natural healing potential. This new program uses the principles of both Yoga and QiGong to promote health of body and mind. No mats are required. Slow and effortless moves, some practiced while standing and some while sitting on chairs, help to restore strength, flexibility, balance, and self confidence. Through simple focused attention on the body and the breath, we learn to quiet the restlessness of the mind and to relax the body.

To register for Senior Center:

Call 603-889-6155

Wednesday 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Senior Center in Nashua, NH

Autumn Workshop

“Awakening the Inner Healer”

In this day of peace and quiet, we awaken our natural healing potential through:

  • classic Yoga postures for strength and flexibility
  • gentle QiGong moves, combined with breathing to harmonize body, mind, and spirit
  • the simple art of meditation, learning to be in the moment
  • self massage to strengthen the immune system and to balance energy in the body

October 14, 2017 10:00 – 3:00

To register for workshop, contact:

or call: