Yoga Class

A typical class starts with body and breath awareness.  The beginning exercises are a blend of Feldenkrais and Yoga and serve the purpose of loosening the joints and gently stretching the muscles while in a relaxed state.  There is a gradual transition to classical Yoga postures and QiGong moves in which each student is encouraged to explore his/her range of flexibility and strength, using the breath to enhance the stretch and to stay centered.  The class ends with a guided relaxation.

To register for St. Joseph classes:

Call Community Health Education at 603-595-3168

Or go online at

To register for Senior Center:

Call 603-889-6155

Wednesday and Friday nights:

St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH

Monday nights:

St. Joseph Medical Facility in Hudson, NH

Tuesday & Friday mornings and Thursday nights:

Senior Center in Nashua, NH

Spring Workshop

“Awakening the Inner Healer”

In this day of peace and quiet, we awaken our natural healing potential through:

  • classic Yoga postures for strength and flexibility
  • gentle QiGong moves, combined with breathing to harmonize body, mind, and spirit
  • the simple art of meditation, learning to be in the moment
  • self massage to strengthen the immune system and to balance energy in the body

April 14 10:00 — 3:00

St. Joseph Hospital

To register for workshop, contact:

or call:


or visit: