As in Yoga, so in Life


Yoga is not just about doing postures.  The practice of Yoga encourages us to move through life effortlessly.  But what are we to do when faced with some obstacle?  How do we deal with life’s many challenges?  Consider this example from Yoga practice.  As you are moving into a posture, Yoga teaches you not to push beyond the resistance.  Instead you might stop and observe that sense of holding back, that strong sensation.  Where in the body is that sense of holding?  What does it feel like?  How might it respond to the breath?  You stay with it for a while, breathing deeply into that space, allowing time for the resistance to ease.  Slowly the sensations change; the area of tension softens, releases.  And so you can move on, relaxing deeper into the posture.

Likewise out there in the world we often meet with resistance. . . in our jobs, in relationships with others, in various situations.  In life, as in Yoga, we learn from the resistance.  We observe that sense of holding back, of opposition or challenge.  We breathe deeply and allow it some space.  Eventually something changes. . . in ourselves, or in others, or in the situation.  And we can move on.

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