Consider this.  The heart doesn’t need a reason to be happy.  So if you act like you’re happy, you will experience happiness.  At first this concept might seem trite, just a bit naïve.  Is it really that simple?  As it turns out, this is a fact based on good science.  Studies have shown that smiling activates muscles in the face and this triggers a kinetic memory to which the brain responds by releasing endorphins and we feel, yes, happy.

This concept is also supported by ancient philosophies.  Buddhist and Taoist meditation practices focus attention on the present moment.  Think about it.  Only this present moment is real.  The past is gone; the future is unknowable.  When we stay focused on the here and now, our perceptions are not ruled by what went before or what might take place in the future, in other words guilt or worry.  The reality of this present moment is anything we want it to be.  And so happiness is a real possibility.

And here’s a further point to consider.  Are emotions rational?  We can’t change our feelings by reasoning things out.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Happiness is an emotion.  It doesn’t require a reason.  So why over-think it?  Relax.  Smile.  Be happy.

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